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Welcome to RSA – a new media house based in Berlin.

At RSA, we’re digital by nature and consultants by nurture. We know that in the new media economy, relationships are the currency of success, so we’re in the business of making friends. And not to brag, but we’ve made millions of friends for brands and influencers alike.

We are a team of Real Social Animals who believe good marketing comes from connecting good people.

Beyond consulting, media planning, designing and producing, we fill a dialogue gap between brands and social media professionals to realize projects that feel so organic you can’t believe they didn’t already happen – all with that world-renowned German quality.
Hey you!

Our Mission

Brands need influencers and influencers need brands, but without a genuine connection, the whole process feels - well, fake. This is where RSA comes in. We see through influencer profiles to influencer personalities, and beyond brand products to brand identities. We like ‘likes’ but we love ‘loves’, and you’ll feel that in our strategies.
Our Mission


1. What we promise, we deliver. If we promise you the world, you will literally get the whole world.

2. We live what we do. Our consultants are artists, entrepreneurs, and influencers themselves. We’ve been on all sides of a strategy so we understand you - whoever you may be.

3. We only work with humans. Behind RSA are fifteen real people, and we know behind every influencer, platform and brand there are other real people too. Real recognize real.

4. Our clients become our friends. We’ll always tell you the truth whether you like it or not, because that’s what friends are for.




Strategy I Event I Production I Seeding (Global)
Together with Schwarzkopf and Refinery29 we celebrated the global launch of #SCHWARZKOPFcreators in Berlin, which marked the launch of our global strategy that includes over 50 influencers from 27 countries - Schwarzkopf’s biggest influencer initiative thus far.

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS)
To build on the success of the online activation #REVIEWGOESFESTIVAL, RSA Media once again organized an extraordinary journey with Germany’s top influencers, YouTubers, models and bloggers. In collaboration with our two clients South Australia and REVIEW, the idea for #REVIEWTRAVELS was born. The destination: Adelaide, South Australia.

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Global Lead Agency Influencer Marketing
Since 2017 we do hair – all kinds of hair, and all over the world. We are the lead agency for the global influencer activities of Schwarzkopf (Henkel).

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS & IT)
In 2015, we conceptualized and realized the new media activation #meetmerano - a brand collaboration between our two clients Merano Tourism Board and the fashion brand REVIEW. Dressed in REVIEW, ten of the most influential German YouTubers traveled to the stunning destination and reported live for nearly 15 million followers. 

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Lead Agency New Media Relations (GAS)
Since 2013, Peek & Cloppenburg have trusted us with new media relations for their in-house youth-oriented fashion label REVIEW. As their lead agency in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, we developed a strategy that includes all online activities and productions parallel to their own classic advertising campaign. 

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS)
In 2016, RSA was commissioned for the new media activation of the “POP Collection“ for Swiss watchmaker SWATCH. To draw attention to the new collection and highlight its playful aesthetic, we brought together the creative studio EyeCandy Berlin and one of the most relevant German fashion blogs This Is Jane Wayne.

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS & IT)
In 2016, we realized a new media activation & influencer trip for the Merano Tourism Board. We traveled to Merano together with Germany's top bloggers in the fields of design, culture, food, lifestyle and fashion to generate organic content for their blogs. Additionally, we produced a film for the Merano Tourism Board together with the Berlin-based production company Modest Department. 

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Strategy I Product Development I Eventmanagement I Production I Seeding (GAS)
In 2016 we realized a social media stunt that set the internet ablaze: the first whole capsule collection in cooperation with a YouTube star featuring Germany's most popular YouTuber Sami Slimani: #REVIEWbySamiSlimani!

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Lead Agency New Media (GAS & IT)
Whiskey Union’s products are as bold as the experimental brand’s debut on the beverage scene. RSA has activated new Whiskey Union products since the brand's inception as part of the development of a long-lasting online strategy in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS)
In cooperation with the lifestyle brand Red Bull and the young fashion label REVIEW, we realized a trip with Germany’s top influencers, bloggers, models and photographers to the world-renowned Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

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Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS)
In addition to developing REVIEW’s long-term new media strategy, we have produced #OOTDREVIEW look-of-the-month shoots since 2016. A curated selection of brand-relevant influencers including Germany’s Next Top Model winner Stefanie Giesinger and Instagram star André Hamann were photographed in street style aesthetics featuring REVIEW pieces from the fashion label’s latest collection.

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Consulting & Development

In the vast uncharted new media landscape, we are fearless explorers. RSA consulting guides clients through the wilderness towards effective and relevant communication strategies. At RSA development, we work with clients from square one to rewrite the maps.

Influencer & New Media Relations

As digital entrepreneurs, publishers and influencers ourselves, we understand the needs of vloggers and media partners as well as the needs of corporate decision-makers, and can translate between them to create extraordinary campaigns. It turns out, everybody just wants to be loved.

Content Production

High-quality content production lies at the core of what we do. Drawing from our global network of friends and partners, we realize campaigns in 360°, produce in-house content platforms, and consult multipliers on their content strategies - for breakfast.


As Real Social Animals, our happiness and success are fueled by the pursuit of curiosity. Our search for diamonds in the rough has led us to become proud business angels for a variety of incredible projects. The only thing we love more than making new discoveries? Sharing what we find with people like you!


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