RSA MEDIA is a new media house in Berlin, established in 2012 by Norman Röhlig. As a full service provider, RSA MEDIA helps companies, agencies and associations meet the challenges of the digital age, create new business models and develop effective means of growth and communication in the digital world.

Central to this is the entrepreneurial background: due to the experience as consultants for strategic communication and personal experience gathered as publishers of their own websites, the digital entrepreneurs understand the motivation of publishers as well as brands.

As well as providing traditional services, such as consulting, media planning, design and production, RSA MEDIA also has its own database system: the RSA NETWORK consists of opinion-forming online magazines, blogs, websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels and builds the basis for high-quality, target group-oriented placement of advertising and communication campaigns.

The young company aims to facilitate increased dialogue between brands and social media professionals, and generate projects which can be profitably implemented by both parties.

Along with creativity, industry expertise and the relevant contacts, RSA MEDIA also provides exactly what competitors frequently speculate about: the necessary practical feedback.


For years we have been observing the conflict-ridden coexistence of social media professionals and advertising companies: Bloggers, YouTubers, influential individuals and other multipliers are striving for growth, relevance and financial independence. Brands are aware of the importance of new media: social media relations have become an integral part of corporate communications and almost every brand is trying to attract the attention of multipliers via the relevant networks and channels. And this is working… up to a point!

The problem is that advertising companies don’t understand the needs of influencers, and find it difficult to gain access to them by traditional means. The result is usually a headless battle for likes and followers as a dazzling entry into the digital age. The creative industry drifts powerlessly towards Instagram and entire campaigns bask in the glory of the number of likes they receive. Whilst relationships with multipliers are indeed being cultivated, creative collaboration as the basis for powerful social media campaigns is almost non-existent.

This is where RSA MEDIA’s core business comes in: as an active part of the social network, we provide our customers with honest, practical feedback, jointly develop campaigns and, above all, set a tough target: effective, mutually successful social media campaigns. In this way, new media and influencers are not just mouthpieces for advertising messages, but part of a cooperation project which ultimately bears more than just the hallmark of the brand.

Combined RSA MEDIA provides an enterprising solution for mutual success and growth as intermediaries at the interface between networks and brands.


With the RSA NETWORK, we are not just aiming to become the most relevant database for social media relations in German-speaking countries. As publishers and service providers, the Real Social Animals have set themselves the goal of bringing the potential of the German speaking network culture to a corporate level and of becoming the central point of contact for individuals who create media and brands seeking for media.