Creative Agency

RSA Media is a creative agency for premium influencer- and talent marketing. Together with our clients, we develop and execute creative marketing strategies to tell stories to millions of people. Strategic and creative ideation, content and event production as well as data-driven evaluation, are all integral parts of our daily business.
Creative Agency

We are a matchmaking team, not a matchmaking tool

We research and hand-select the right influencers for your brand or product and establish authentic relationships. Let us take care of everything in the process: from negotiations to content flows.
We are a matchmaking team, not a matchmaking tool

Real Connections To Real People

We help you foster meaningful connections to your target group through the power of popular content creators on Social Media. Reach your audience where they love to be: on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok.
Real Connections To Real People


Strategy & Concept

We create custom made, global or local communication strategies for your brand or product. We will guide you through every step of the way and define how influencers can help you amplify your digital storytelling campaigns.

Content Production

High-quality content production lies at the core of what we do. Drawing from our global network of friends and partners, we realize campaigns in 360°, produce in-house content platforms, and consult multipliers on their content strategies.

Campaign Execution

We research and identify the best content creators for your purposes by working outside of exclusive contracts: our open network approach lets us easily research the right persona for the task. We take on all communication and briefs and establish seamless feedback flows to smoothly manage all live-goings of paid and earned cooperations.

Event Production & Event Management

Our clients love to celebrate! But even more, they love to share. Seeing what’s really important and understanding the fine line between corporate wishes and the true needs of influencers has always been part of our DNA. From event development to implementation, our experts deliver extraordinary ideas, way beyond shareable moments.

Analysis & Evaluation

Your individual KPIs drive any influencer campaign. We report to you with tailored analysis about any and all campaigns. Our evaluation is always based on real data and is easily comparable to all standard marketing metrics.
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