Diesel Rockstar Experience

Strategy I Production I Activation (EMEA)

Create memories for successful living: Together with Diesel RSA created an exclusive instagrammable weekend while testing the features and integrating the styles of the Diesel smartwatch newness “Axial”,  jewelry and fashion.

RSA invited creators from France and Germany to the party capital of Europe, Berlin, to live like a rockstar for one full weekend and make their wildest dreams come true.

While enjoying exclusive perks and breathtaking moments, we created an authentic happening to utilize and enjoy the new Diesel products in a seamless and playful way: Starting with drifting session with Lamborghinis and Ferraris, a loft party with Diesel showroom, a boxing class, a tattoo session, ending with a partynight – supported by Diesel our influencers lived like rockstars.


CLIENT: Diesel
DATE: December 2019

Campaign partners: @marceggers, @chengloew, @bastoswithlove, @juliengeloen
Additional influencers: @patrickdossantosaveiro, @bobbylies, @mefyou, @nanukboy, @jonasteinig, @sarahalmoril, @caeciliaofficial

(↓ Photos @moarky)