Fisch vom Feld

Strategy | PR & Influencer Activation (GER)

For flexitarians to vegans – with their new product “Fisch vom Feld” FRoSTA revolutionizes the food market and makes it clear right away “we are not a fish imitation, but want to offer a healthy and climate-neutral alternative”.

With this statement in mind, we developed an influencer and PR concept for FRoSTA that is not only creative but also innovative. To generate the widest possible reach, we decided on a mix of macro and micro influencers. In addition to the classic food influencers, we were also able to win over creators, world savers and momfluencers for the product. To create a great PR value, we also developed a creative mailing for influencers and press in addition to the classic PR. Here, too, the focus was on the sustainability of the ingredients and the fish was literally delivered right with the field.

 Frosta | Fisch vom Feld
DATE: November / December 2020

Influencers: @zuckerjagdwurst, @experimenteausmeinerkueche, @eatthisorg, @malwanne, @stevenschuto, @ms_wunderbar, @philippsteuer, @shantijoantan, @funnypilgrim, @herz.und.blut, @zuckerzimtundliebe