FOSSIL x Bread & Butter 2017

Strategy I Event I Activation (GAS)

In 2017 RSA developed a strategy for FOSSIL in conjunction with BREAD & BUTTER in Berlin. Goal of the concept was to raise awareness of FOSSIL’s Hybrid Smartwatch through strategic collaborations with social media personalities.

Next to the online activation before and after the B&&B, RSA hosted around 20 influencers at the FOSSIL stand on site to create content during a Meet & Greet with the campaign stars Janina Uhse & DJ Felix Jähn. The participants were also attending FOSSIL’s After Show Party featuring an exclusive Set by Felix Jaehn and generated additional content to promote the brand.

( ↑ Photos by Patrick Krüger) (↓ Photos by Nazjuju )

( ↑Photos by Nazjuju) (↓ Photos by Angelo Carlucci )

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