Cosnova – La Manufacture Launch

Strategy / Activation (GER)

Imagine your own personalized foundation! With its brand La Manufacture (Cosnova) is now making this dream come true. As lead agency for Cosnova’s influencer activities, we had the privilege to accompany the launch of the brand and its innovative and unique product, which will revolutionize the beauty market.

For this, we developed a influencer launch strategy tailored to the brand. In the search for influencers ideally suited for the brand, we worked with 11 influencers who convinced us not only with their extremely professional make-up expertise, but also with their unique personalities and backgrounds.

Together with our influencers, we created moving content focused on Instagram Reels, Instagram TV and YouTube.

CLIENT: Cosnova | Le Manufacture
DATE: November / December 2020

Influencers:  @fata.hasanovic, @tscherajna, @alyciamarie, @jamina1404, @melissa_zerhau, @aminata_s, @taraneh, @jenniferczeczor, @fatmalocke, @sorayaeckes, @rukiye.brows