Meet Merano 2017

Strategy | Production | Seeding

#meetmerano 2015 was one of the most successful Social Media campaigns for the Merano Tourism Board in regards to reach. However, the newly-introduced content strategies of #meetmerano 2016 proved to further match the Board perfectly.

2017 was to continue this successful story. Together with Jake*s, RSA invited five female German fashion bloggers to come to Merano, Italy to produce the very first Moving Influencer Lookbook for the fashion brand.

Time in South Tyrol was well spent with two bloggers working together with photographer Muriel Liebmann each day. From design hotels to marble quarry – every location was wisely chosen to fit the outfits from Jake*s and Jake*s Collection. In the end, the pictures and videos from Jake*s x #meetmerano 2017 created an astounding mix of raw nature, well-designed architecture, and fashion pieces – all of which gave room for the two media partners to perfectly complement each other.

RSA was not only responsible for the conceptual development and strategic consulting on the activation, but also for the planning and implementation of all media cooperations, the conceptual development and production, and the evaluation of the event.

Participants: matiamu by sophia, mvb, Journelles, tanzekind, glitter everywhere
Production: Profashional with photographer Muriel Liebmann