Meet Merano 2015

Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS & IT)

For #meetmerano 2015, we brought together our clients REVIEW and the Merano Tourism Board for a special collaboration, designed by us. Ten of the most influential German YouTubers including YouTube star Sami Slimani traveled to the stunning destination and posted live for millions of followers and fans—all while wearing the current REVIEW collection of course.

As a result, the official brand hashtags #ootdreview, #neverestablished and #meetmerano trended in the official hashtag charts, and the channels of both brands grew significantly. In total, the YouTubers traveled with nearly 6 million Instagram followers, 3.5 million Facebook fans, 2 million Twitter followers and 5 million YouTube subscribers.

Our service included the conception and organization of the entire project – from planning to implementation to evaluation. This also included support and relationship building with the influencers, all online activities, and the production of still and moving content for the corporate channels of both brands.

Participants: Sami Slimani, Katharina Damm, Anna Maria Damm, Stefanie Giesinger, Jannik Stutzenberger, Dounia Slimani, Ischtar Isik, Shanti Tan, Lamiya Slimani