Meet Merano 2016

Strategy I Production I Seeding (GAS & IT)

#meetmerano 2015 was one of the most successful social media campaigns in the history of the Merano Tourism Board—we are proud to say we repeated our success story with #meetmerano 2016!

RSA invited six of the most influential bloggers from Germany/Austria/Switzerland to come to Merano, Italy. They covered the region from the perspective of design, culture, food, lifestyle and fashion and posted live on their social media channels and blogs. Meanwhile, we created a highly aesthetic film portrait of Merano in collaboration with Berlin-based production company Modest Department to be shared on all Merano Tourism Board corporate channels. The film not only portrayed the blogger personalities but also the beauty of the region, and reached over 200,000 plays.

In addition to the conceptual development and strategic consulting on the activation, we were responsible for the planning and implementation of all media cooperations and the concept development and production of the official #meetmerano 2016 tourism film.

Participants:,,,, &
Production: Modest Department Berlin