NETFLIX „The Prom“

Production | Activation (GER)

To engage the TikTok community through a diverse squad of creators with zazz that represent the diversity of the new Netflix movie „The Prom“, we wanted to create a talkable moment within the German Tiktok community that sparks joy and celebrates everyones zazz.

Together with the well known rollerblader Oumi Janta we produced a campaign asset for the German Netflix Tik Tok channel, showing the most rememberable dance scenes, moves and a famous song from the movie – Oumi showed her unique Zazz along the way.

The setting of our production was the well-known and glamorous Berlin venue Heimathafen Neukölln. A large hall with many colorful lights and a disco ball – a perfect prom backdrop.

After this video got kicked off, 16 German diverse Tik Tok creators followed her call and created their version of the #showyourzazz video.
The content of the videos was connected by the song “Zazz” used in Oumis video. In addition, our creators received a unique Zazz kit with tinsel, a disco ball and many accessories to create a consistent setting in all videos.

CLIENT: Netflix
DATE: December 2020

Hero Talent: @oumi_janta
Talents: tbd @leon.content, @twenty4tim, @lesotwins, @jeyisbaee, @aliciaawa, @estefaniaelisa, @angieberbuer, @gina.ruhl, @naomijon, @tashakimberly, @whynils, @briann, @byjaadiee, @theocarow, @katybaehm, @fata.hasanovic

Production: Monic Films