Lead Agency New Media Relations (GAS)

Since 2013, Peek & Cloppenburg have trusted us with new media relations for their in-house youth-oriented fashion label REVIEW. As their lead agency in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, we developed a strategy that includes all online activities and productions parallel to their own classic advertising campaign.

The highly successful new media strategy has catapulted brand recognition up almost 30% in just three years, making REVIEW an extremely popular and highly coveted fashion label. Across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, REVIEW is an active social media presence beloved by influencers and consumers alike.

Our services for REVIEW include strategic advisement on market establishment in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, the ongoing conception and production of all content for new media, the planning and execution of all media cooperations, mailings and media trips, and continuous relationship building with influencers.

The highlight of the new media activation so far was the #REVIEWbySamiSlimani campaign, as well as the add ons #REVIEWGOES, #REVIEWTRAVELS and #FOLLOWUSAROUND – three influencer trips that were created as a brand cooperation with RED BULL, destination South Australia and the destination Merano, Italy.