REVIEW by Sami Slimani

Strategy I Product Development I Eventmanagement I Production I Seeding (GAS)

In 2016 we realized a social media stunt that set the internet ablaze: the first whole capsule collection in cooperation with a YouTube star featuring Germany’s most popular YouTuber Sami Slimani: #REVIEWbySamiSlimani!

After one year of planning on- and offline activities and a large-scale kick-off event with over forty influencers, Sami Slimani launched the collection and began a massive two-week long Meet & Greet tour at Peek & Cloppenburg stores in Germany.

RSA handled the campaign shooting, video productions, and product PR, supported online activations such as influencer cooperations and raffles and was involved in the development (design process) of the capsule collection.

Over a one-year activation period, REVIEW achieved over 12 million Instagram followers, 2.5 million Facebook fans, nearly 2 million YouTube followers, and generated a total reach of nearly 12 million followers.