Skagen Kulor Experience

Strategy I Event I Production I Seeding (GAS)

In November 2018, SKAGEN launched the new colorful Aaren Kulør watch, inspired by the historic harbour houses of Copenhagen. To draw attention to the new Aaren Kulør, RSA worked with 16 German and 3 British influencers to create eye-catching #SKAGENincolor content to show how to match the watch with different styles and outfits. In addition, @julia.dalia took us through her neighborhood for her SKAGEN Instagram takeover, exploring colorful combinations in her local grocery store.

As a highlight, in December we invited 19 German influencers to Hamburg to spend a SKAGEN in color dinner together with celebrity chef Steffen Henssler. From cocktail to main course – color match was the theme of the night, giving the influencers plenty of photo moments and beautiful memories.

RSA was responsible for the researching, planning and implementation of the media collaborations as well as for the evaluation of the campaign.

Participants: @julia.dalia, @valerie.husemann, @wesleythompson, @herz.und.blut, @juliangutjahr, @tifmys, @marie.schoeniger, @nilam.farooq, @ezgipolat, @wunderblumen, @jennymustard, @madametamtaaam, @lukasgold_, @lovelyn_enebechi, @nisi, @juliahlm, @melinimartin, @about_fuel, @mat_buckets, @sophia_rosemary, @hannahmichalak

Photography: @samuelsmelty

( ↑ Photos by @mat_buckets) (↓ Photos @ezgipolat & @jennymustard)

( ↑ Photos by Photos @ezgipolat & @jennymustard) (↓ Photos by @herz.und.blut & @julia.dalia )

( ↑ Photos by @herz.und.blut & @julia.dalia) (↓ Photos by @lukasgold_ )

( ↑ Photos by @lukasgold_) (↓ Photo by  @madametamtaaam  & @nilam.farooq)

( ↑Photo by  @madametamtaaam  & @nilam.farooq) (↓ Photos by @tifmys)

( ↑ Photos by @tifmys) (↓ Photos by @marie.schoeniger & @wunderblumen)

( ↑ Photos by @marie.schoeniger & @wunderblumen) (↓ Photos by @sophia_rosemary)

( ↑ Photos by @sophia_rosemary) (↓ Photos by @valerie.husemann)

( ↑ Photos by @valerie.husemann) (↓ Photos by @samuelsmelty)