Create your style with Schwarzkopf

Strategy | Production | Seeding (Global)

With both worldwide changes in the ideals of beauty and a new rise of self-confidence, Schwarzkopf – a brand that has promoted individuality and confidence for over 120 years  – launched its global #createyourstyle campaign in February 2018.

Together with Henkel Beauty Care, RSA extended the #SCHWARZKOPFcreators influencer strategy to the larger market by including a group of international personalities into the #createyourstyle campaign. RSA was responsible for researching, managing and the overall integration of the influencers as well as for the social media content activation throughout the year 2018.

#createyourstyle promotes authenticity, the empowerment of staying true to oneself, and diversity. It recognizes hair as a form of personal expression and is a move away from beauty stereotypes towards more diverse representations of real beauty – and the person and story beneath. This international celebration of hairstyles and colors is a new chapter for expressive beauty. For the first time, Schwarzkopf draws its inspiration entirely from authentic people and their raw beauty – and not from catwalk trends.

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