SKAGEN Hybrid Smartwatch

Strategy | Event | Production I Seeding (GAS)

In 2017, RSA was commissioned for the new media activation of the „SKAGEN Hybrid Smartwatch“ for the Scandinavian lifestyle brand SKAGEN. To draw attention to the Hybrid Smartwatch and highlight the function as well as the minimal design, we brought together 35 selected German influencers to showcase the smartwatch and it’s features in long-term collaboration over 3 months.

In addition we produced short clips as well as pictures for SKAGENs Social Media channels together with the Berlin film production company Modest Department that included two of our social media personalities. Moreover, we invited 20 Influencers to the official SKAGEN Hygge Brunch in Hamburg to celebrate the release of the new watch in an intimate environment that stands for the brand itself.

RSA was responsible for the conceptual development and strategic consulting on the activation as well as the planning and implementation of all media collaborations, evaluation of seeding and production.

Production Lead: RSA Media
Production: Modest Department
Testimonials: @julia.dalia & @ilemartini
Cooperation Partners: @alicemhuynh, @amansmagazine, @andrehamann, @andycu__, @bergstrvm, @boyspalm, @desifare, @nisi, @elisaschenke, @herz.und.blut, @iamduct, @thaonile, @ilemartini, @journelles, @juleslw, @julia.dalia, @ilemartini, @journelles, @juleslw, @julia.dalia, @kayodaniel, @kevinelezaj, @marienasemann, @melinimartin, @mija_mija, @nilam.farooq, @noanoir_, @palomaparrot, @paminaweiss, @ronaoezkan, @simonfessler, @starecasers, @stilysto, @styleshiver, @tanzekind, @thedashingrider, @tscheeelo, @vanbossen

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